WIN! Fitness Program

Inertia @ Home

Back in March 2020, when gyms and fitness studios closed due to COVID, I began teaching live fitness classes online.  By June, I created my Inertia @ Home program where I provide 5 (pre-filmed and live) effective and balanced workouts per week using minimal equipment.  

As we near March 2021 and the anniversary of all this, I am hosting a fun online contest to not only grow the Inertia @ Home online community, but to give away 2 free Inertia @ Home programs! 

In order to enter this contest, you simply need to be active with me on @yourinertia Instagram (IG) and Inertia Fitness Facebook (FB), collect points for doing so, and whoever earns the most points will WIN their Inertia @ Home March program PLUS have one to gift to a friend/family who has not tried the program before.

Contest dates: Saturday January 30 – Friday February 26, 2021 @4:00pm MST

Here is the points system:

  1. 20 points each:
    • refer a new sign up to the Inertia @ Home program – this component starts NOW (make sure they tell me you referred them!)
  2. 10 points each:
    • New followers to my @yourinertia Instagram page and Inertia Fitness Facebook page that tag YOU as sending them over
    • Share my IG or FB posts to your pages (make sure you tag me or screenshot and send if you have a private page and I won’t see the tag)
    • Tag me in your own health/wellness/fitness posts on your IG or FB pages (again, if you have a private page, screenshot and send to me) 
  3. 5 points each:
    • Comment on any one of my IG & FB posts 
    • Tag a friend(s) in a post I make on IG or FB or on your own posts (points for each tag)
  4. 2 points each:
    • Like any one of my IG & FB posts 
  5. PLUS I will put out weekly bonus challenges to earn more points each week.

NOTE: Only the posts where I have been tagged properly will be counted in order for me to track accurately.  You can use @yourinertia on Instagram and @Inertia Fitness on Facebook to tag me accurately. When a tag is created, it will become “clickable” as it becomes a link.

I will keep track of points and post weekly “points” updates so you can see where you fit in the contest.  The more you interact with my posts and me, and create posts of your own where you tag me, the greater your chances of winning.  PLUS, you can help me by encouraging and growing our Inertia @ Home online community! Want to learn more about Inertia @ Home?

Have any questions? Feel free to email me at anytime: 

Have fun and good luck!