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Inertia @ Home – June 2021
Special pricing this month!

Inertia @ Home is an effective program requiring minimal equipment that you can do at home or at a gym.

**Check out a sample full length workout here from my Youtube page!**

This is a 5 week program and it will include the following:

  • Weekly links to 5 real-time workouts with me that will be emailed to you each Sunday for the following week (equipment used for the workouts will include dumbbells/weights/DIY weights, a chair/bench/stool, a towel or paper plate to slide on your flooring, a yoga mat…and of course…WATER! 🙂
    • workouts do not include a warm-up or a cool-down/stretch, so be sure you’re ready to go when you hit “play” and stretch afterwards
  • A program guide for each workout so you can either follow the real-time workout, or use the guide for the workout at your own pace which may include:
    • counting reps versus using interval-timed rounds
    • using different intervals than I use in the video
    • having a more efficiently-timed workout of getting straight into it (versus hearing my modifications, musings, and potential mishaps that warrant me chatting! haha!)
    • workouts will be around 40 minutes live, but if you choose to do them at your own pace they can be shortened or extended
  • An invite to my private Instagram and Facebook groups for this program where I continue to go live with workouts through the week and we can interact, share, post questions and even get to know each other a bit better   
  • A copy of my Macros 101 (pdf document) to help with your nutritional and body composition goals (ie. fat loss / maintenance / muscle gain)
  • An optional nutritional coaching review and recommendation of your macros based on your goals, lifestyle and nutritional concerns.

Pricing: I have this month’s program at special pricing – 5 weeks for the price of 4 🙂 The cost of this program is $80, and the program will begin Monday May 31, 2021.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Send me an email  to let me know you want to sign up
  2. Send your e-transfer of $80 to: (you will receive confirmation of your registration once your e-transfer is received)
  3. Get ready to sweat and join a fun, welcoming and encouraging fitness community!

Some additional details & information:

  • When I send out the weekly email, you will know in advance which workout I intend to do live on Instagram at (or on my public page yourinertia) and on what day, so you can plan your workouts for the week. You can either join me live for the fun, or do the same workout at a time better suited to your schedule (as per the link I will have provided in the weekly email)
  • For the sake of being able to monitor your progress on the workouts and exercises, there will be 10 unique workouts planned.  They will be scheduled into the first 2 weeks and then the order will be mixed up for the following weeks (again, you will receive an email each week with a new order for the week).  This will not only give you a chance to get comfortable with the exercises, but you can monitor your strength and mobility progressions by keeping a mental note of how/if/when you modify from the first time you do the workout to the next.
  • Although there will be 5 workouts provided per week, you may choose to do less than 5 each week. I recommend you ensure you balance your week with upper body and lower body or do the full body a few times (abs will also be included in the workouts).  I am happy to provide any recommendations or guidance based on how many times you prefer to work out each week
  • Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for bonus workouts you can add in for an extra day of moving!

Sample Lower Body Workout: