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Welcome to Inertia Fitness & Nutritional Coaching

Simply stated, I believe that fitness should be fun, challenging, safe and effective. Getting fit and achieving results means constantly challenging the body through exercise and nutrition.

With Inertia Fitness, workouts are fun, creative and fresh and meant to challenge your fitness level whether that be the true beginner without a current fitness regime, or the elite athlete.

Modifications are demonstrated for all exercises and drills, and modifications are encouraged based on your unique fitness levels and/or current or past injuries.

All you need to do is fill your water bottle and I will do the rest – motivate, inspire, and challenge you to reach your personal bests while having fun and achieving results.

My ultimate goal?…that fitness become a component of your lifestyle that you enjoy (and possibly even look forward to!) while building a strong, healthy and lean body.


Latest Posts


Knee pain with lunges?

A common question I receive is regarding knee pain and/or modifications when it comes to lunges. First off, if you have had knee surgery or

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Egg Wrap

Recently, I came across a video for the “viral egg sandwich”. I decided to try it with my own modifications. I am using a wrap

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Full Body Workout

I went live on my @yourinertia Instagram page this morning for a full body interval training workout. Attached below is the link for the full

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Product Review – Blonyx

I recently tried a sample of protein powder from a new Canadian company (based out of Vancouver) called Blonyx. What I love about egg white

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