Product Review – Blonyx

I recently tried a sample of protein powder from a new Canadian company (based out of Vancouver) called Blonyx. What I love about egg white protein powder is that it’s dairy free for those who have sensitivities or intolerances/allergies to dairy. Most protein powders that I use or recommend are whey based. Also, egg whites are high in protein, so the macros associated with the product are egg-cellent (heehee!)

I was happy to see how well the product mixes with in water.  I added the sample to 8 oz of water in a shaker cup and it mixed together after just a few shakes.  There were no clumps and no foam which can be common in other egg white products I have tried.

Also, this product tastes exactly like chocolate milk! – it was not too sweet (as some protein shakes can be with the addition of stevia or other artificial sugars) and it had zero aftertaste.  It was not thick in the sense that one would find it heavy (especially after a workout), but it created a creamy texture that added some sustenance – it tasted delicious like chocolate milk, but not as thick as milk would feel.  The  cocoa and organic cane sugar keeps the true flavor of chocolate milk without the need to over process the beverage by adding ingredients that can not be pronounced.  The 7 ingredient list is simple and I feel confident knowing exactly what I’m drinking while getting an excellent serving of protein.  This product is easy to make and delicious to drink! Many people are looking for an option to the whey protein products due to digestive issues, allergies or over-processing, and many are looking for an option to the plant based proteins because of the awful taste of the plant based products…I’m excited for my friends and clients to try this product regardless of allergies or aversions as it simply tastes amazing and is made from ingredients they can feel good about.

If you’d like to learn more about Blonyx and what they offer, check them out at