Protein packed tuna wraps

Optimized-IMG_0002_2To make this recipe I used the following ingredients:

dill pickles
can of tuna
plain Greek yogurt, fat free (0%)
romaine lettuce
wraps (I used the Flat Out gluten free)
salt, pepper

Mix the can of tuna with a heaping Tbsp or two of the yogurt and then add mustard to taste along with the salt and pepper.  On the wrap, scoop out your desired amount of tuna mixture then add a slice of dill pickle and a leaf of lettuce. Feel free to add more vegetables to your wrap.  Roll up and enjoy!

By using the Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise you cut out the extra calories from fat while still adding flavor plus an additional dose of protein and healthy probiotics.  The yogurt gives the tuna mixture a creamy texture and the mustard adds an extra “zing” of flavor.