Chocolate Protein Roll-ups

This is sure to hit the spot when you want something sweet and it delivers with a great dose of delicious protein.  I used the following ingredients:

-plain Greek yogurt, fat free (0%)
-2 marshmallows
-your choice of wrap
-your choice of protein powder and preferred flavor (I used chocolate)

1.  Mix up the desired amount of yogurt and half scoop of protein powder.  The chocolate is delicious though I have also used lemon meringue, banana cream pie and birthday cake flavors.
2. Cut the marshmallows in half and place them face down on the wrap.  Warm the wrap for 15-20secs until the marshmallows are soft.
3.  Scoop on your “protein pudding”.
4.  Roll up and enjoy!  This is also a delicious quick snack for the kids 🙂